Integrating pastries into a healthy diet

Posted on: 1 December 2016

Many people experiment with different diets that restrict certain types of foods including high fat or high carb foods. However being too restrictive with any food group can be hard to maintain and many dieters end up losing control and overeating those 'forbidden' delicacies. Here are some tips to help you integrate pastries into your diet plan. 

Watch the portion size

If you love pastries, often the trick can be to have your favourite pastry in a smaller size. This could include, for example, enjoying two doughnut holes with your coffee instead of a single jumbo-sized doughnut. That way you can enjoy the food that you truly enjoy while consuming fewer calories. Often if you have a smaller portion of food you will eat your food more slowly so you can really savour the flavour and texture of the pastry. 

Manage the rest of the day's calories

If you really like to have a pastry but want to lose weight, you can often still have your pastry by making another substitution, such as giving up a chocolate bar or going on a slightly longer run. Often being able to know why you are making a sacrifice in one part of your life or increasing your exercise levels is easier mentally when you know that it will have a reward afterwards. The pastry can also be quite filling which can help you to avoid other food temptations. 

Manage how often you eat pastries

If you don't want to have to manage your portion size and like to be able to enjoy larger pastries, it can be useful to think about limiting how often you eat pastries. You can opt for a healthier option by having a once a week pastry blowout for your Sunday brunch rather than eating a couple of pastries for morning tea each day. You will often find that you can't eat as many pastries in one session as you'd eat over a week and you can find it easier to avoid the morning pastry if you know that you can have a splurge of pastries in just a few days. 

No matter what type of diet you are trying to keep to for your health, you can usually integrate pastries into your diet by planning ahead. By allowing yourself to regularly have the pastries that you love you can avoid the temptation to overeat on less healthy foods. 


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